A month in England

The reason why Femme Fatale has been so inactive is because I stayed a month studying English in England, I arrived a few days ago, and I want to go back!
Undoubtedly, it was one of the best moments of my life, this trip was incredible, I improved my skills in English, I visited beautiful places, I lived unique experiences. I fell in love with the country, the people were gentle, hospitable, the school I studied was excellent, the teachers created a dynamic environment, in which you interacted and learned to use English properly.
If you ever have the opportunity to study abroad, or you are in doubt because you don’t feel totally safe, I can tell you to leave all the fears behind and enjoy that experience that will change your life.  
Here are some recommendations and clarifications that can be helpful when studying abroad:

  1. Research

Do a search on the place where you intend to travel, find out about their traditions, climate, valuations of people who have already traveled there, you must confirm if the place fits your goals. Don’t always be guided by what other people tell you, when I was planning to travel to England, some people who had already traveled there, told me that the weather was horrible, ‘you will freeze from the cold’, ‘English people aren’t very kind’, ‘England is so expensive’, blah blah blah. They were totally wrong! Or at least I had a different experience.
The weather, in my opinion, is fascinating, It’s true that It is cold, snow and rain can ruin the activities you had planned for the day, however, although it is hard to believe, after a week there, you get used to the cold, and even begin to like you.
About the people, they are amazing! During my stay in England, I never met anyone who treated me badly, or distantly, everyone was kind. My host family was just perfect, they cared about me, they always asked me if I needed anything, and they even helped me improve my English.
And about the prices, It is true that you can find restaurants, pubs, clothing stores that exaggerate and have really high prices, but It is not always the case, you just have to find the right places.

2. Find a school.

When you are selecting the school in which you will study, you must guide yourself according to your objectives. In England there are excellent schools, however, some are very expensive. In my case, when I chose the school, I didn’t just think about the price, which is a very important feature, besides, I evaluated what the school offered. It’s fundamental, that you take your time, analyze the options and choose the one you find most appropriate.

3. Always speak in English.

Even if you are with someone who speaks your language, try to speak only English. In this way, you not only study the language, but you use it every day, getting used to it, and every time you have more confidence . Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or that your pronunciation is not the best, you are there to learn, it is normal that you make mistakes, you must have confidence in yourself, this experience will be of great help in improving your English.

4. Host Family.

There are several hosting options, but without a doubt, the most advisable is to stay with a Host Family, because it is a great opportunity to practice your conversational skills, learning phrases, expressions, idioms, that you won’t find in textbooks.

5. Enjoy!

Visit the most important places, castles, palaces, museums. Go for a walk in the city, walk the streets, find a hidden pub that catches your attention, have fun! Not only are you there to study, you must know the place, get involved in their culture, and have the best time of your life!

If you have any experience that you want to share or have any questions, you are welcome!
See you soon!

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