Skin cleaning in 5 steps

Are you looking to cleanse, moisturize and care for your skin easily and economically? Then, you are in the right place.
Many people believe that to take care of our skin we must invest money and time, but the truth is that it’s easier than it seems.
Don’t forget, self-care is very important, we must keep our mind and our physical state healthy, so don’t worry, find the perfect time to have a moment for yourself, relax and enjoy.
These are the 5 steps to clean our skin and keep it moist:

1) Open the pores
When you have found the perfect time to relax, you will start by opening the pores, in this way your skin will be prepared for the rest of the steps, and the cleaning will be effective.
Do not forget this step, it is fundamental!
I open my pores by heating water in a bowl until it boils, sometimes I add mint and lavender, but it’s not necessary. Then, I cover my head with a towel, I stand near the bowl and let the steam slowly open the pores. Don’t worry if you feel that the steam is very annoying, it will be enough with just a few minutes.

2) Exfoliation
This step will help you to eliminate all the dirt and dead cells accumulated in our face. You can buy the exfoliant, or use a natural one, whatever you prefer. But don’t forget that each product that we use should always be suitable for our skin type.
The exfoliant should be placed on clean skin with open pores, making circular movements, carefully, without damaging the skin.

3) Natural masks
There is a wide variety of masks, you must choose one that serves the needs of your skin. If you have dry skin, it would be advisable to use a moisturizing mask, but if your skin is greasy, you should use a mask that removes excess oil on your skin. There are other types of masks, in my case I use those that moisturize and those that eliminate spots on the skin.
When you have decided which mask to use, you should leave it on your skin for about fifteen minutes, then remove it with warm water and carefully dry your skin.

4) Close pores
When you finish with the cleaning, it’s important that you close the pores to prevent them from getting dirty. You can fill a container with water and ice cubes, wait until the water is very cold and rinse your skin. This is the simplest way, but there are others. I sometimes use fruits and vegetables that allow to close the pores, I recommend using tomato and then clean your face with cold water, this will make your skin feel really soft.

5) Moisturizer
The last step is essential, moisturizers should be used daily, but not all products are suitable for our skin, it is best to visit a dermatologist, who will tell you what you need.

I hope these 5 steps will help you, what are your steps to clean your face? What masks do you advise to use?
See you soon!

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