How I deal with anxiety

For a long time, I have been struggling with anxiety and panic disorder, it is not an easy task, family support is essential. My mother has been a fundamental pillar since I was diagnosed, I don’t know what I would have done without her, my father, although at the beginning it was difficult for him to understand what anxiety was, today he understands me and supports me.
Although the family and friends play a fundamental role in our lives, the most important thing is the effort of each one of us every day, which is not easy. One of the characteristics of anxiety, is that you do not know when, or where or why, from one moment to another you may feel bad, sad, angry, shattered.
These are the steps I followed to improve my lifestyle and to take care of my mental health:

1) Go see a doctor: it is the first step, if you have been feeling bad, you should go to a doctor, he will tell you what is happening to you, he will advise you, and if necessary, he will prescribe medicines.
In my case, I decided to visit a doctor two months after the symptoms began to be present, at first I thought it was due to the stress of the University. I could not sleep, I was always tired and sad without a clear reason, so I went to see a doctor, who did several tests, which showed that my blood was perfect, I had no anemia or diabetes, and my iron levels, Potassium, among other things, were perfect. If I was so good, how could it be that I felt so bad? Obviously my situation must be related to some psychological problem, so the doctor sent me to mental health specialists, a psychologist and a psychiatrist.
The issue with psychologists and psychiatrists is that they are totally stigmatized, most people believe that all the people who visit the psychiatrist are crazy, and they are totally wrong!. Mental health is important, and today a large part of the population, ignores that to have a healthy lifestyle, they should not forget about their mental health. So do not be afraid to go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist, they will be of great help.

2) Exercise: usually the symptoms of anxiety and depression improve when we exercise, this does not mean that if we go to the gym, our problems will disappear magically, what I mean is that the exercise will keep you motivated, and even your mood will be benefited and the anxiety will decrease.
Many times it may seem that the last thing you need is to exercise, you just want to stay in bed, however it is important that you take strength and handle your problems in a healthy way.

3) Sleep well: it is an essential element in the life of any person, basically our day depends on how well we have slept during the night. When we rest, our body recovers to be able to face the new day, therefore it is very important that you limit the consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol, because they increase the possibilities of suffering from insomnia.
It is important that we limit our activity in the bedroom, the bed is for sleeping and to have sex, nothing more, forget to see the full season of your favorite series, or study, among other things, this will make our body understand that it is not time to sleep, and we’ll stay awake, probably for the rest of the night.

4) Yoga and meditation: this became an important part of my life, almost every day I wake up and the first thing I do is take only 10 minutes to meditate, then I do some yoga postures, I drink two glasses of water and finally I prepare a healthy breakfast. Although it seems simple, this routine has transformed my mornings into moments of relaxation, in which I can reduce anxiety and stress.
I go to yoga classes twice a week, but I practice some postures almost every day, it is an activity that really relaxes our body and mind. I recommend you to do yoga in conjunction with meditation.

Dealing with anxiety is not easy, much less if we don’t have someone to talk to about what is happening to us, it is important that we express our feelings because that will help us feel better, and we can also help other people who are going through the same.
What other ideas can you add to this list that I may have not mentioned?
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See you soon!

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